Weekly Homework

For the week of October 4-8, 2010


Monday 4      

1. Write you name 3 times in 3 different colors?

2. Read for 10 minutes.

Tuesday 5     

1. Count out loud from 1-30 with your parents. Teach them to say Ringo-    Rango?

2. Read for 10 minutes.

3. Remember that Science Night is a 6:30 in the Cafeteria. 

Wednesday 6

1. Sing our Days of the Week song to your parents.

2. Connect the Dots with the On the Spot Worksheet.

3. Tell your parents about our Fire Prevention Visitor.

4. Read for 10 minutes?

*Tomorrow we go to the Apple Orchard. Wear a jacket, pants, and tennis shoes or boots. No flip flops or sandals.

Thursday 7

1. Talk about your address. Try to learn it with your parents.

2. Draw an escape plan in case of fire or emergency. Remember to have 2 places in your house to get out and 1 meeting place outside.

3. Read for 10 minutes.

Friday 8

1. Return all your work to school with your parent signature.

2. Time to enjoy your weekend!

Parent Comments for the week: _________________________________________________